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Treating any form of a chronic condition is always expensive. The problem with such conditions is that any treatment method in existent only aims to control rather than fully treat such a condition. This means that the medications have to be taken on regular and timed schedules. It is largely the same with ED. For patients who have had or are dealing with this condition, it can only be hoped to manage rather than treat the condition. To cope up with the heavy budget spending that come along with treating ED, the best open option is to use generic Viagra.

Does generic Viagra produce the same effects?

Users need never to worry about the results they will get after using generic Viagra. The long time debate on patients wondering if generic Viagra does work is mainly based on the fact that most patients do know what exactly is meant by Viagra generic.

To settle the matter, patients can be lest assured that the very same effects will be achieved as it would if they were using standard Viagra.

How to use generic Viagra

- The first step is to identify a pharmacy that can be trusted to sell you quality generic Viagra online. The much information to look for in such a case is on whether the pharmacy has been licensed.

- Viagra generic name is used to cover for various versions. Therefore all should be used in line with the generally accepted instructions.

- No more than 1 pill should be taken in the same day. In fact, it is advised that patients get to come up with clear schedules. Such schedules should allow for a minimum of 12 hours between doses.

- Generic Viagra works best when the pills have been allowed 30 minutes break prior to having sex. It however should be noted that it cannot work on its own without sexual stimulation.

- A prescription accessed from a doctor will should be followed to the letter. This is especially in cases where patients have been diagnosed with other health conditions or using other drugs.

- Professionals will always advise you to exclude meals rich in fats in your diet prior to using Viagra. A lot of alcohol will work by reducing the effectivity of these pills.

How cheap is generic Viagra

If you are to buy generic Viagra online, chances are that you will ultimately save a lot. This is because most of the pharmacies selling cheap generic Viagra ensure to include plans to help reduce total costs incurred. It is not easy to quote a specific price that generic Viagra pills are sold at across all pharmacies. However, most pharmacies sell the pills at a maximum of $3 for one pill.

It has been know that Canadian pharmacies are very well established. For this reason, patients should lean more on buying generic Viagra Canada. You will find that Canadian pharmacies not only offer the best prices but also ensure that their clients get the best quality pills in the market.