Can you make your Own Custom Printed Boxes for Shipping?

Customized Printed Boxes

Are you bored of the old fashioned brown boxes and their shapes? This trend can be changed as now you can design your own custom printed boxes. As the product always arrives in a package, so the packaging plays an important role in grasping the attention of their customers. Here are some easy and working ideas that can help you to make your own cartons to attract the maximum numbers of buyers.

Analyze your product:

The very first step that needs to be worked on is that you should understand your product before you make a shipping box for it. There is a basic need to consider the size and weight of the product so that you can save the maximum cost of the container. You need to think about what kind of packaging materials you will need to fit in the box. You need to check whether your product is larger or bulkier so that you can choose a sturdier container for it. If the product is delicate or glassware, then there would be a need to add fillers in the box for greater safety purposes. If the product is smaller than a mailer or a pizza box would be the best choice to choose. Whether you intend to put in the food item, stationery, photo albums, jewellery, or electronics, the box you choose must be able to hold up to 30 pounds, which means to choose a studier material that can endure the severities of shipping.

Choose shape and design:

The second thing that needs to be considered is the shape and design of the custom printed shipping boxes. Instead of choosing the old rectangular and square shapes, there are countless forms that you can go with for your products. Make them look attractive and eye-catching in shape with design. From triangular to circular and cylindrical, you can choose all the shapes for your products. You can choose the styles from the mailer box, folding cratons, and simple shipping boxes. They need to be easily folded and assembled to save the time of packing. You can add side handles for the easy handling and carrying of these cases while shipping.

Choose a design that matches your brand:

Once you have chosen the type and size of the crate, the next step is to pick the design that needs to go into these cartons. You can take help from the professional designers or create your design on the designing software. Photoshop and illustrator are used tremendously for this work. You need to have an idea and usage of tools so that you can design your creation. You need to have the knowledge and background of the fonts, color schemes, and thick lines that would work best on the carton. The design should relate to the concept of your product. The person receiving those containers must know or have an idea about the product inside. You can design custom boxes wholesale so that you never get short of the packaging of your products as well as it is economical to buy them in bulk quantity.70% of the people agreed that their buying perspectives change only according to the packaging of the product. You can add all the requirements in a simple box to enhance the marketing of your brand.

Get them printed:

To print the design that you have finalized, you need a printer. It may seem you that it is very costly at the start, but it will help you in the long run and will pay you back instead of asking other agencies to print it for you. You can print the cartons with the suitable color scheming and use the inkjets that perfectly suits your brand. If you contact a printer agency, then you need to ask them the following questions so that you never miss any of your important shipping.

  • What is their turnaround time? Can you have the preview of your box when ready for printing?
  • Can you have the sample of the box?
  • Do they cut the boxes correctly?
  • Can they handle the custom request?

Embellish them and place the order:

After all the previous process, now the final product is in your hand ready to ship around the city and overseas. Before you put in the item to be delivered, you can further increase the beauty of the parcel by embellishing it. Keeping in mind all the pons and cons of the journey, one can embellish the carton with the glittering tapes, stickers, or badges that can stick or tied with them. You can make the unboxing experience of your customer more exciting by filling up the box with your shop cards, stickers, and other eco-friendly fillers like colored papers, stile-foam, scrap paper, etc. You can make as much as custom printed boxes no minimum order required. This will make you fully equipped for the larger and smaller order for your product at any time of the day.

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