Causes And Solution To Oily Scalp And Dandruff

Many people now a days suffer from the problem of oily scalp and dandruff. This problem is increasing day by day which is resulting in the cause hair fall as well. This is not just a problem with adults or middle age persons but this problem is also suffered by many teenagers as well. What actually is this dandruff? Dandruff are the flakes that arise from the scalp. These flakes arise due to the oily scalp, more the oily scalp is more it will cause dandruff. If you are a girl, then it is more troublesome situation for you. So it is better to go for the best anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalp India that is available in the market.

Following are the causes of dandruff:

  • Irritated skin: now a days as the pollution is increasing day by day. so our skin and hair comes in contact with many harmful things that can cause trouble to our health of our body and skin. This is major problem that causes irritation on the scalp. More irritation on scalp will lead to the scratch of scalp that will result in the flakes of the dry scalp.
  • Not shampooing hairs properly: every day when we go out, our skin and hairs comes in contact with many dust particles. So it is very important to clean both our skin and hairs properly in order to keep them away from the bad causes of these particles. If we do not shampoo our hairs properly and on regular basis, then it will cause dandruff and oily scalp that will lead in more itchiness.
  • Dry skin: there are many people that have dry skin. Person with dry skin are more prone to the skin related diseases. The dryness in skin causes dandruff. So the people having this type of skin should choose their skin related items like shampoo, face wash, body wash and body lotion very carefully. In order to have less effect on their skin as well as hairs.
  • Sensitive to hair care products: sometimes ingredients of the skin care products do not suit the skin. There are chances that shampoo may contain any type of chemical that causes irritation, dandruff and hair fall. So it is recommended to choose these products according to the skin type.
  • Any microorganism that feed on the oil of the scalp: there are chances that the scalp may contain any microorganism that is causes problems of irritation and dandruff. So it is better to protect the scalp from the bacteria, virus or any other parasites.

So the causes to the dandruff in the hair are many. But solution to this is to go for antidandruff shampoo. There are many anti oily scalp shampoo India are available that specializes in anti-dandruff. Many shampoos with natural ingredients like aloe vera, neem, coconut oil are available in the market that helps in healing the problems relating to dandruff and oily scalp. There are various homemade remedied that also help in solving these problems. These remedies are equally beneficial in making our hair look healthy.

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