How to create your own Craft Bags for Product Carry

That is the question you might be asking. The topic tells you about something called craft bags, not about shifts in society. Well, it is all linked. Read on and find out.

Craft storage bags are an example of sustainable packaging that is becoming popular and is being encouraged by climate change activists and governments. They are mainly made of cardboard and fabric. But for now, we will be looking at the bags made of cloth.

The concept of using cloth bags to transport and carry items is almost as old as civilization. Before the invention of plastic in the 1960s, paper and cloth were the main materials used to make packaging. However, after the ’60s, everything changed. With the widespread use of plastic and large scale production, cloth bags were used on a very minimal scale. Ask your parents or grandparents, and they will confirm that.

However, with the danger of plastic becoming apparent, people began to look for more viable and sustainable means of packaging products. And this leads to the popularization of eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging like cardboard and cloth.


Advantages of sewn bags:

They are very effective for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are reusable and can be reused for many years, making them eco-sustainable. They are very strong and durable, long-lasting. They can carry heavy loads and are usually larger than plastic bags. They are waterproof and do not get punctured ort frayed very easily.

They can be styled and designed in a variety of ways and are more customizable than other bags, making them attractive for companies wishing to establish a brand image. The fact they are long-lasting makes this form of advertising even more effective. Apart from this, cloth bags can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, as small craft bags to take to your office or school. They look neat and classy, if personalized, and designed accordingly.

How is it made?

Craft supply bags are very easy to make and produce at home. You just need the right materials, a sewing kit, and some basic knowledge of how to sew clothes. It will hardly take you one or two hours, but it is definitely worth the effort. So here is how you can make a simple, functional and effective cloth pouch to use. Obviously, the designing and outlook of the product will depend upon the skill of the person, but we can guarantee that you will succeed in making a good bag.

Materials needed:

  • 50cm of 112cm-of patterned fabric
  • Two strips of solid cloth to make straps.
  • 30 x 112cm of contrast patterned fabric
  • 30cm of 112cm-of plain fabric for lining
  • Buttons, brooches, beads or any other trinkets you would like to sew on the bag
  • Thread of matching or contrasting color
  • A sewing kit



  1. cut two pieces of 29 x 52 cm rectangles from the patterned, contrast and lining fabric
  2. Next, stitch the outer edges of the patterned fabric. Stitch close to the side of the lower edges, which will be the front of the bag
  3. Now you have a basic rectangle of patterned fabric that. Double stitch to make sure it is strong and can handle weights.
  4. Then, do the same with the contrast fabric.
  5. You have two rectangles of fabric now, which will make the front and the back of your bag.
  6. Stitch one sheet on plain fabric to each side of the patterned and contrast rectangle. This is the inner lining of your bag.
  7. After that, take the cloth strips, fold them in half and double stitch one strip to each of the rectangles. Now you should have a 2 dimensional carry bag.
  8. Join both rectangles together and stitch the edges and base together to make a pouch shape. This is the basic structure of your bag. Test the strength of the straps by putting in heavy items and carrying it.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the stitching, it is time for the design and styling of your craft carrier.
  10. Sew buttons, stickers or colored ribbons, or beads or anything else that you want, to make the Craft Bags design. It is up to you and your creativity.
  11. Finally, you have a well stitched and decorated cloth pouch that you can carry around and put your books, shopping or any other items.

Therefore, we see how easy it is to make something so useful. Instead of relying on a huge number of one-use plastic packaging, that is destructive for the environment, we have an eco-friendly solution. Making these carriers is very easy and cheap, and quite a simple task for anyone who can sew, or operate a sewing machine. Imagine, using old clothes to make such creative and functional bags that you can take anywhere and use.

In conclusion, we can just say that it is time that we stop focusing on the short term development of our race, and focus on the long term. Using solutions like these are just a small part of the fight against pollution. We should make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and leave the planet a better and cleaner place for our future generations.


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