How to Recover Lost Photos from SD Card

How to Recover Lost Photos from SD Card

Tourism is always on the cards when it comes to vacations. Everyone is fond of taking snaps and pictures. Sometimes it happens that one ends up losing the data due to unavoidable circumstances and hence ends up losing his or her photographs.

We have brought today into focus an article about data recovery software for our readers which can help you in such scenarios. Ease US Data Recovery Software is the best solution for one to overcome such types of losses. Ease US Data Recovery Software is a file recovery software that can be used to recover various sorts of data in loss scenarios.

Let us understand some features of Ease US Data Recovery Software..!!

Common Data Recovery Situations through which the data can be recovered using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  • Deleted Data: The user has mistakenly deleted the data from his or her drive.
  • Formatted Data: The user has formatted the drive and wants his or her data recovered from the drive.
  • Hard Drive Damage: Users disk has got damaged and the user wants his or her data to be recovered from the hard drive.
  • Virus Attack: Data loss due to virus attacks.
  • OS Crash: Sometimes data loss does happen due to an operating system crash.
  • Partition Loss: If a partition is lost due to some unavoidable circumstances then data can be recovered from that too using this software

Various kinds of Devices EaseUS Data recovery software supports recovery

  • Hard Drive: Traditional hard disk in a laptop or desktop machine.
  • External hard disk: Portable hard disk used as secondary storage.
  • USB Drive: External storage device
  • Memory card: Used in Cameras, etc.
  • Digital camera: Internal storage of digital cameras, handy-cams, etc
  • Mobile Phone: Internal storage of the mobile phone
  • Music Player: Internal storage of music player.

The recovery process for recovery of Lost Photos from SD card involves three simple steps

Step 1: Launch the Program and Start Scanning Process

The first user is required to download the program and then install it. The user then needs to select the type of data he or she needs to recover. Here user needs to select graphics for recovery of lost images. Further user needs to select the location where he or she wants to perform the search operation.

Step 2: Scan the Location

During the scanning process, the user has the functionality of pausing the process or stopping in between. The user also has the option of performing a deep scan that performs a rigorous check on the sectors for the lost data.

Step 3: Preview and Recover the Lost Images

Finally, after the scan is finished, the user can preview the images that can be recovered. User has an option of selecting those images which he or she wants to recover.

Final Verdict

We hope that our readers have got information about this great file recovery software which you can use to recover lost images from your mobile phone youtube2mp3. Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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