How To Turn A Computer Into Two Or More?

A Computer Into Two Or More

Statistics in Russia say that only every fifth person has a computer here. Probably, such studies did not take into account that one device can be used by a whole family of several people. In any case, two people cannot work simultaneously. Therefore, either “queues” appear, or they buy a second computer. It happens, and the third and fourth … Let’s get acquainted with what are multi-terminals. In simple words, then from one computer, you can make 2-8 working machines! Do not believe it? Read on.

First, a little theory. Windows XP and 7 support multi-tenant mode. That is, each computer user can create their account, work with a personal set of applications, options and more. Even in these operating systems, there is the possibility of the “hot” replacement of the client. In general, you do not need to stop running applications, close an active user session to switch to a new profile and allow another person to work.

Let’s look at the simplest example. The head of the family uses a computer. It copies music files from a USB flash drive to the hard drive. There are a lot of files, so the action is long. His son wants to log into the computer using his own account since the necessary documents are displayed only from her.

The young man begins to use a personal “account.” And so, he is already working, and then copying that his father launched does not stop. It turns out that the computer shares its own power between several users. However, management is available only to one at a time – either to his son or father. In general, we are talking about the option when one computer is used by two users (from three or more people – the “office” option).

The son and father can do the work in parallel, but in this case, they will have to implement the following points:
  • find an additional set of equipment that will be used separately (mouse, screen, keyboard, sound card, and speakers);
  • An application that will distribute devices between users.

A computer must be used powerful so that the work of two users at once is not limited.

1. An additional set of devices.

The capabilities of a computer can be parallelized from one user to eight without problems (theoretically this is possible, but the work can hardly be called comfortable, given the power of modern computers). This refers to such details as the processor, graphics card, and hard drive.

Considering external equipment, the situation is the opposite.

A computer mouse is a standard device for desktop PCs. Older models connect via PS / 2. This connector is only one. Accordingly, the second “rodent” should be with a USB interface. If we are talking about a laptop, then the first and second device is selected on USB. Otherwise, one user will have to master the touchpad. If the mouse and keyboard are not bought for desktop computers (for example, outdated peripherals with PS / 2 ports are already available), a special adapter will help.


Here everything is the same as with a mouse – either USB or PS / 2 with an adapter.


A large number of modern graphics adapters are distinguished by the presence of two DVI outputs (this is a digital interface), as well as VGA (simple). Most displays on the market contain a VGA port, and DVI is not used.

This solution will be available here: purchase of an additional monitor with a DVI connector. If the screen is new, you can do without an adapter (when there is a DVI port). However, monitors with this output are generally more expensive and more difficult to find.

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DVI-VGA adapter.

The most suitable option can be considered the use of a special adapter. Its price is about 100-200 rubles. Thus, on the graphics card, you can get another VGA output. If nothing is stopping you, buy a new monitor without paying attention to the connector. Or take the old model with a thick picture tube, which you replaced with a new LCD. With laptop computers, everything is not so simple

There is a solution, but not in all cases. However, with VGA, the screen can be used without an adapter. When there is no suitable connector, you need to additionally buy a USB video card.

Consider an audio card.

When the sound comes to the fore (one person watches a movie, the other turns on the music), you can do this:

Desktop computer.

If the sound port is located in front of the system unit, the second user can connect to the rear output. When it does not work, it remains to buy a second sound card (the cheapest, even used) will do. Thus, one user will receive a signal from the sound card built into the motherboard, and the other from a separate device;


It is known that a mobile computer uses only one chamber and audio output. Therefore, the installation of the second sound adapter can only be done using USB. Of course, you will need new speakers and headphones Laptop best game Pubg mobile apk.


This part relates to the internal resources of the computer. Their system divides into equal parts between users. In practice, when two users actively use voluminous files, move or copy them, the hard disk simply “bursts” from various actions. As a result, the computer will greatly slow down.

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Laptop users will be able to solve the problem using an external drive and placing all the files there.

In the case of a desktop computer, you can buy an additional hard drive, only an internal one. This will increase the speed of work. Place your work files here.

USB hub.

The hub, compared with an additional information storage device, is not included in the list of required things. However, its availability is recommended. With this device, you can divide 1 USB port into 2-8 (standard) or more. The device is necessary when a large number of devices are connected to the computer through the corresponding connector. If you use a new set of mouse and keyboard, free ports may run out. Using a USB hub will solve this problem.

2. A special application

That divides equipment resources into a certain number of users. There are many developments in such a plan. Of the domestic software products, the Aster program is in greatest demand. The utility needs to be installed and configured. Thus, it will be possible to distribute devices to different users. The unlicensed version can only be downloaded for verification.

3. A computer of high power.

When two users read the maximum weather on Google and add up Solitaire, then there will be no power shortage. As a rule, antivirus heavily consumes resources. This program must be installed in one instance. Antivirus manages the processes of two or more users. But there are exceptions – if the computer system has not been tested for several years, even a medium-performance platform under the “load” of one user begins to slow down. In the case of two, the situation is even worse Pubg wallpaper.

As a rule, a modern dual-core “stone” and two gigabytes of “RAM” can be limited if several users need to perform standard office tasks. Work with three-dimensional graphics, use Photoshop, play modern games – this is unlikely to succeed!

How to start?

Just try first. For example, ask your friends for an additional screen, the second mouse too (in extreme cases, you can buy it). To test the work, the keyboard is optional to buy. You will have to fork out for a special adapter for the monitor – it costs 100 rubles. It is necessary to configure separate accounts depending on the number of users. Download and install the Aster utility.

For verification, you can limit yourself to an unlicensed publication. For the future, the utility costs 2000 rubles. Use a second monitor, as well as a mouse (keyboard of your choice). After that, restart the computer and distribute the available equipment. Get started. When all goes well, you can buy or find an old monitor, mouse, and keyboard.


If you do such manipulations at home, you cannot worry. When you implement such an idea in the workplace, commercial goals are already pursued here:

  • The operating system should be used only licensed. The same applies to other applications (“Aster”);
  • You need to get a second license (or N-the, depending on the number of users).

By the way, Microsoft does not approve of several users working in parallel with its OS.

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