What Is An Inverter Generator And How It Work?

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Are you considering buying a portable generator? You are not the only one – the global market for portable generators is worth around $ 2 billion and is expected to increase steadily over the next numerous years. Perhaps you are concerned about the frequency and violence of storms, the decaying structure of the power grid, or the possibility of terrorism. Or maybe you want a generator to tailgate in big games, or to hook up your RV, or to bring along while camping.

It used to be that if you wanted a generator, you had simply one option. But recent years have seen the rise of a new player in the field of portable generators: inverter generators.

But ere we can tell you everything about inverter generators, you will require 101 generators.

What is a generator?

At a very basic level, a generator converts the energy generated by a fossil fuel into electricity.

A traditional generator presents you with effective but “sloppy” electricity – imagine a 5-year-old drawing of a person. You will understand it as a person, but reasonably the eyes are of different sizes, or it has got only one hand.

The electricity you receive from the electricity business is good and clean, like a person’s rendering of an artist.

The electrical instruments you grew up on – kitchen appliances, lamps, hairdryers, clock radios – they didn’t really care if the power was downhill or clean. They were not pinned down.

But nowadays, an increasing number of electrical devices that you use every day – computers, cell phones, TVs – are picky. These gizmos we live with now, are nervous and cannot always tolerate mediocre electricity. In fact, sloppy electricity can destroy them. If you have a steady stream of electricity from the electricity company, this is not an issue, but it can occur when you do not.

And if you have new kitchen appliances or even power tools? Those sensitive flowers can still be there, and be ruined by that dark lightning.

What’s special about an inverter generator?

The inverter generator protects your gadgets

An inverter generator provides clean and clean electricity to your modern electronics requirements. The inverter generator still produces sloppy electricity, just like a conventional generator, but takes an additional step or two to clean it and make it safer for your gadgets to use. And since your hairdryer, clock radio, and lamps are not taken care of, either way, they are happy with clean electricity as well.

More fuel-efficient

Although inverter generators use fossil fuels – gasoline, diesel or propane – unlike conventional generators, unlike their traditional cousins, they only produce enough electricity to meet need. Old-fashioned generators have only one speed – but an inverter will power up also power feathers as your devices use or don’t use power. As a result, the inverter generator uses less fuel than a regular generator, giving it a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Lighter and smaller

Inverter generators are really portable. They are smaller and lighter than regular generators, meaning you can start them in your truck and easily carry them along. Although traditional generators move described as portable, also the smaller ones are heavier and heavier, increasing the limits of portability.


Another big selling feature of inverter generators is how quiet they are. You can hear a constant generator from miles away because people are very loud, so it is just difficult to have them around for tailgating or camping. But you can stand next to an inverter generator and combine. Also, since the inverter is up and down depending on the demand for generator powers, its noise is very high. If you are not requiring it to do a lot, it will make less noise. The standard generator has a property – and a resulting sound – louder.

But they aren’t perfect

You knew “but” is coming, aren’t you? Inverter generators have a lot to advise them, but they have two main disadvantages.


They cost more. This gives sense because they clean electricity and do so in a smaller, lighter, quieter, more fuel-efficient package. But you can comfortably spend 2-3 times on inverter generator.

Can’t handle the volume

You cannot buy an inverter generator that can power your entire house, or even most. They just don’t have the experience. If you are hoping to use the same generator that you use for your hot water heater, refrigerator, and dryer during the next power outage, you may have to reevaluate. You can get a second inverter generator, and combine them collectively to handle some extra demand, but you still have a much lower capacity than a standard conventional generator.


In this article, we’ll discuss What Is An Inverter Generator And How It Work. If you need extra details relating to our New Generator and Used Generators? Contact our team at EO energy looks forward to hearing from you.

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