IT Help Desk Technician job description

IT Support Desk Technician

Technical support technician

IT Support Desk Technician, the hero of every office, ensuring the smooth operation of technology so that companies can perform their tasks. As a support technician, you will transform technological frustrations into solutions, identify problems and solve problems when one of your colleagues has technical difficulties. In addition to communication and teamwork skills, you will complete a Generation with CompTIA A + certification, making you a valuable member of every IT team.

IT services support many units located on all Rutgers New Brunswick campuses for the Chancellor’s office. The ITS support service is responsible for solving or effectively referring to computer problems, providing remote and local problem solving, and training for all compatible clients.

This job description template for an IT support technician lists the most important duties and responsibilities of an IT support technician. It is configurable and ready to be published on job sheets. Use it to protect time, attract fit candidates, and hire the best staff.

IT Help Desk technician’s work profile

IT Engineer Help Desk is an IT expert who provides technical support for computer systems and is the first point of contact for customers who need technical support by phone or email.

To attract IT technicians who best suit your needs, it is very important to write a clear and concise job description for IT technicians.

The job description of an IT support technician

Are you an experienced IT support technician who can solve technical problems?

Patient and friendly, even for difficult customers? Can you transfer your advanced technical knowledge in a straightforward way?

You are the perfect member of the team we are looking for!

IT Help Desk Technician responsibilities

  •         Serve as the first point of contact with customers who require technical assistance by phone or e-mail
  •         Solve problems using different diagnostic techniques
  •         Resolve, diagnose and solve technical issues related to hardware and software
  •         Provide fast resolution and excellent customer service
  •         Redirect unresolved matters to the next support staff
  •         Provide the necessary information on IT products or services
  •         Keep track of problems and their resolution
  •         Follow up with customers
  •         Provide information on processes and make recommendations on areas for improvement
  •         Keep the technical documentation and the catalog of services on software installation, hardware configuration, and troubleshooting
  •         Propose improvements on the procedures

IT Help Desk Technician requirements

  •         Previous work experience as an IT Assistant (x) years of master’s degree
  •         Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar related fields
  •         In-depth knowledge of computer systems and mobile devices
  •         Practical experience in diagnosing and resolving major technical problems
  •         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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