On-Demand Beauty Services App – A Profitable Startup Idea

The world around us is filled with startups and innovative technologies. But these have nothing to do with beauty. This indicates that building an on-demand beauty app will be a new and profitable idea for many startups. Furthermore, at the same time, in a busy environment, there is a high demand for hair cutting services, facial treatments, makeup service and other more. Hence, it is a great approach to connect well-equipped professionals with their right target audience.

When it comes to on-demand beauty services application, probably there would be a few questions in your mind like;

  • How to build a successful app?
  • What features to add?
  • What is the approximate cost of building the app?

In this post, we will provide you the answers to these questions. Without taking your more time, let’s start the discussion:

How To Build A Successful app?

In order to build a successful application, first, you have to make sure of a few things. For example, in the case of offering beauty services, you can provide various types of services to the customers. You can provide makeup services, nail art services, hair cut services or even the body paint services. Thus, the very first thing, you need to do; understand in what field you want the build application and proceed accordingly. Recognize your right target audience and then start to build an Uber-like app for haircuts or makeup artists or nail arts, etc.

Once you cleared with the app requirements, the next important thing to consider is features. What kind of features you should add in the application. So, for this purpose, you should understand the key features of your project for two sides – Customers and Beauty Professionals. Other than that, there is one another panel that plays a vital role in Uber-like app for the makeup artist.

Features For Customers:

  • Easy to register & login
  • Build an effective profile
  • Search the beauty professionals as per unique requirements
  • Get the complete details of beauty expert
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Contact the booked expert through email or app chat
  • Payments integration, to pay for a visit right away
  • Multiple payment methods to choose
  • Get notifications about service booking, payment, etc
  • View the history of booked jobs
  • Apply for additional benefits if any available
  • Provide rating & feedback to the scheduled experts

Features For Beauty Professionals/technician

  • Easy to register & login
  • Create an effective profile
  • Add or update the profile whenever required like experience, previous works examples, and more
  • Manage the attendance calendar
  • Manage the job calendar like view the previous or future appointments;
  • Accept the request for booking
  • Contact the customer
  • View the list of booking
  • Manage their availability calendar
  • Ask for rating and feedback

Features For Admin Panel:

The major task of admin is managing the various activities on the application. For example:

  • Manage the user profile
  • Manage the beauty professional profile
  • Manage the payment gateways
  • Assign jobs to technicians
  • manage the rating and feedback system

Finally, comes to the cost of building Uber for makeup artist or hair services. The cost of an on-demand beauty service app depends on the amount of time & work that a team invests in the development process. Following are the remarkable factors that affect the timeline and development budget of on-demand beauty services app:

  • Selection Of Development Platforms:

As per the selection of development platforms, the cost of the application varies significantly There are mainly two platforms for app development; Android and iOS. Choose for which platform you want to build the application.

  • Selection of screens and interface elements

The selection of screen and interface elements is also a considerable factor that affects the cost of application. The more data and screens you want to display in the application, the more complex the development process will be and the more amount you need to pay.

  • Types of devices and their number:

The cost of building applications for the iPad and other tablets may vary from standard development for smartphones remarkably as the application will have to be adapted to the table

  • Location of the app development team:

Last but not least; from which region you are choosing the app development team to create the application. According to a survey, the Asian app development team demands less money than Europeans.

Final Thought:

No wonder, on-demand mobile applications are growing at a rapid speed. These apps have changed the way we perform our daily activities. Thus, as a startup, if you want to set up a successful foundation at cost-effective prices, you may build a useful application to ease the customers’ life. And, in this case, building on-demand beauty services app can provide you great benefits. You can evaluate all related factors to the application and invest wisely in the beauty service app.


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