QuickBooks Error 30159 How to Fix it


Payroll is one of the most essential reasons people depend upon QuickBooks. The software program makes it clean for personnel to maintain a test on the overall amount of wages to be paid. While that is of outstanding use, it also well-known shows demanding issues which includes QuickBooks blunders 30159.

In this weblog, we can discuss the causes, symptoms, and ways to get rid of this problem. We will tell you all about this trouble in order that the next time you come across it, have a dialogue prepared to address it.

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Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 30159

There are a few caution symptoms related with QuickBooks payroll mistakes 30159 any of them are:

  • The software crashes immediately after the query is displayed on the display screen.
  • A person’s computer machine crashes to run equal software.
  • The error message is provided on the window display screen, disrupting your work.
  • The person’s pc system becomes very sluggish and seldom runs at its ordinary speed.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 30159

Some of the main reasons for QuickBooks mistakes code 30159 are as follows: –

  • The installation procedure of QB software is incomplete.
  • The setup folder of the software program has been eliminated.
  • Windows gadget files incorporate viruses or malware.
  • Some different packages related to accounting tools have been eliminated.
  • Corruption of the window gadget file is the most frequent purpose of this problem.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 30159

Here we will provide at the least four strategies wherein you may be equipped to resolve QuickBooks computing device mistakes 30159. Follow these techniques separately and do no longer pass any step in among.

Method 1: Manually replace your laptop machine

  • Switch the user of your pc system and sign in as an administrator.
  • Go to the System Restore alternative via typing the name of the whole application at the seek box.
  • Choose the option that asserts – Restore my laptop to the first/previous time and click on it.
  • Click at the Next button choice and wait until you notice a verification window.
  • Reboot your device and you may now not see this difficulty anymore.

Method 2: Add an Employee Identification Number (EIN) to the employer document.

  • Log in to QuickBooks.
  • Turn on your accounting software and pass instantly to the payroll option
  • Look for ‘Use my current payroll service’ and click on on it without delay.
  • You will see a brand new window on your pc screen known as ‘Account Maintenance’.
  • Without question, an excessive amount of, simply clicks the Add File button there.
  • Now, spot the radio button placed next to the EIN range.
  • Check whether the radio secret is enabled or disabled.
  • If it is disabled, you’ve got entered the ideal company identification wide variety.
  • Close the window after clicking Next.
  • Evaluate all information and return to the ordinary QB window.

Method 3: Scan your tool for troubles

  • Install the QuickBooks Payroll Error software in your system.
  • After the installation is complete, click the experiment button.
  • You will decide on an option, that is known as correcting QB mistakes, press it and start scanning.
  • Wait until the ‘Till scanning is whole’ message seems and then reboot your device.

Method 4: Perform Disk Cleanup

  • Install a disk cleanup program to your system
  • This device will clean all unwanted documents with QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159.
  • Restart the pc and test the software program for any problems.


We hope that at least one method helps you erase QuickBooks payroll error code 30159. If not, please allow us to know. Our team is only available 24/7 to ensure that we provide all the issues for you.

We can provide much-needed help and support through phone and live chat options. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us and whenever there is a problem, just dial our QuickBooks Support toll-free number.

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