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Many students want to study abroad after passing 12th Grade or graduation. Some students wish to study abroad after passing 10th grade. Such students should always be focused about their career. They should wisely choose their field of career so that they can study successfully. If they successfully complete their course, then they can acquire a job immediately after completion of course. The study abroad consultants in Delhi advise the students to choose their field wisely.

Study abroad consultants

A student scoring high marks in the examination always wishes to study in a reputed university. Some students are eager to study abroad. But, the students should acquire admission in a reputed and recognized institute so that they can build a successful career. The study abroad consultants in Delhi choose the best universities for the students. They help them to secure admission in the university so that they can build a successful career.

So, such consultants provide valuable counseling to every student by accessing their profile. Every student has a unique profile. So, they should profile every student and provide different suggestions to them.  They perform the following duties to provide valuable advice to the student.

Accessing of profile

By accessing the profile of the candidate, they choose a suitable university to the candidate. So, the study abroad consultants in Delhi undertake the following responsibilities of the students:

They search for the suitable college of the student.

They analyze their strengths, weakness and the skill gap.

So, they suggest some activities to the students so that they can overcome their weaknesses.

They also access the extra circular profile of the student.

So, they help the students to prepare their bio-data in and a way that the admission committee can notice them.

Preparing documents

If the students want to acquire admission in one of the most reputed universities, then they should produce some important documents. The students should produce the relevant documents that showcase their skills and talents. They should mention about their achievements in the profile and also produce those documents. The students should be able to draft LORs, SOPs and prepare a CV to present their skills to the universities. They do short -listing of universities depending upon their exam score and ranking of the university. So, they categorize the universities depending upon the chances of their admission.

Financial Planning

The study abroad consultants in Delhi inform the students about the tuition fee and the other related expenses. They provide them with a sample form. The certificates that are required for seeking financial help are bank statements, affidavit, loan sanctioning letter and referrals. Students are also entitled to scholarship programs. They help them to secure admission by helping them prepare admission coveted letter.

Interview training

They train the students to appear for the interview after they are shortlisted. They train the students to prepare for the mock interview and then give a detailed feedback to them to measure their strengths and weakness.

They also provide them Visa counseling and pre-departure orientation services to them.

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