The Various Kinds of Diamond Rings

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It is an age-old tradition to select a diamond ring for engagement; however even though many guys want to, still do not attempt to buy a ring because they think it is bound to be expensive and hence out of reach for them. What they don’t know is that diamond rings come in different varieties and what makes them different from each other is the shape and style of their band, the style of setting and of course the selection of diamond or diamonds.

The common categories of different diamond rings are listed below.

  • Solitaire Rings

This is the classic kind of diamond studded ring and it refers to a ring that has only one prominent diamond on top. It is usually held in the setting that has 4 – 8 claws. Although usually the band is made of gold, the claws are more commonly produced out of platinum which is strong and it can also be shaped thinly which is suitable for a setting claw; this will also allow the light to pierce from all sides. This is one of the more expensive types of rings as the one piece diamond on top is usually larger than normal size which is not only rare but also costly. So, if you have a tight budget, this one is not for you.

  • Rings with Three Diamonds

Another common design of diamond hk rings is a band that has three diamonds on top. They say that these three diamonds represent love being in the past, present and in the future. As the name suggests, this rings holds one slightly larger diamond in the middle and then one smaller diamond or other precious stone on each side of the larger diamond.

  • Rings That Have Side Stones

Another traditionally accepted style of diamond rings – this one has small stones fitted in a channel setting on the sides. It gives a smooth surface on top and is best suited for women who are very active in their life. Not only are they practical, they do look extremely delicate on fingers as well.

  • Ring Sets

The Diamond ring sets have become popular over the past few years. The set incorporates a diamond engagement and wedding ring which can be worn when paired or separately from each other.

The different kinds of rings available offer a chance for people on different budgets and interests to pick one out easily. It’s important to give the right ring on the right occasion.

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