Truffle Boxes Design Strategy to Make your Truffles Stand Out


Boxing and packaging strategy in the food business is very crucial more than any product at all. Good quality food packaging is important because in case of food buyers are concerned about the quality which they can’t check without buying the food, so when the packaging is promising and looks good, people tend to trust the brand and food more. When it comes to sweet treats and candies, and things like truffle, the packaging is further better and slightly fancier. Truffle boxes designs strategy depends on many factors. 

Display truffles well

Truffles are good looking food, and the majority of buyers go for the looks and truffles are usually popular because of their cute size and appearance, food tempts people. Still, if the food is not displayed properly, it can’t tempt the ones that can’t see it. The packaging not only needs to appear good to the people who are intentionally buying your truffles; it should also appear great to the people who have no interest in buying them right now. This strategy can conquer success and bring you those buyers who were never considering to shop for truffles and just entered the store for something else. 

Use festive and celebratory packaging

Apart from displaying the truffles through a great truffle boxes design and an excellent impressive packaging, another thing you need to look for is the right vibe through the packaging. Having a display window cut out is not enough, the overall packaging should look celebratory, and it should yell I am a great truffle brand, and you can’t resist me from 10 meters away! Truffles are little wonders, little sweets you use to celebrate every day for no reason at all, if they are packaged in a depressing plain box, they may not give the right vibes. 

Think out of the box, everything is possible

The sky is the limit when you are making truffle packaging. Make your design the one that is not yet available out there. Have your research done, see the top truffle selling brand and how their packaging is, never think that such packaging is impossible and never assume it will cost you an arm and a leg because when we are talking about wholesale packaging, it means that the packaging will cost you nothing that it looks like. Custom packaging is always an option, choose a cheaper material, choose the larger quantity of packaging to reduce the price per unit and go for a very professional manufacturing company that does not outsource the packaging boxes so that the cost is as low as possible. Then you can go for the most exquisite designs that no one has ever seen. There are many inspirations out there. But you have to make a brand identity through your brand’s packaging so copying anyone else will not get you anywhere, take some inspiration and come up with your drastic idea according to your budget and your brand type.

Why Truffle boxes designs fail

Most sweet or let us say truffle boxes fail because they don’t deliver the right message through the packaging. For example; a truffle maker who was actually selling very cheap truffles, he sold them in a box that looked extravagant and fancy, people who that seller was targeting, they thought that maybe the product is expensive. They can’t purchase them without even checking for once. This and many other reasons become the cause of failure of a product.

Few points to keep in mind when manufacturing and to design truffle boxes 

Truffle packaging boxes are not rocket science, the right amount of work and investment in the right part of the packaging can get you an excellent packaging, a little research is always a good idea and knowing what your competitors are doing is just about the right way to start the design. 

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