What Is Beard Transplant Treatment And How Does It Works?

beard transplant in india

A thick dense beard is a sign of manliness. But, you will notice some men don’t have enough beard on their face due to genetic disorders, injuries, and a lot more. And also, a patchy beard makes you feel less confident in to face the outside world. In addition, they will try some medicines and oil to get natural growth. Hereafter, you no need to worry..!! With the advent of the medical industry, there is a solution to your patchy beard issues. Nothing would bring a more natural look other than hair transplant techniques. Get ready to make your beard even thicker and dense by means of beard transplant in india. If you go with this effective surgery you can boost your confidence level. Make an appointment with the experienced surgeon today itself and consult your queries regarding beard transplant surgery!!

How Does the Beard Transplant surgery work?

A beard transplant surgery is the same as the hair transplant treatment. If you choose the right surgeon, then will decide the donors based on the hairs of the patients. While selecting the donors, they will concentrate on many things right from matching color and density to your beard. First, the number of grafts need should be determined and then take the hair from the donor site. The hair can be harvested from any of the parts on the donor side like the back of the scalp, chest and much more. After that, the hair grafts are placed into the face of the patient with proper angle and point. In order to create a fuller look, the hair grafts are placed anywhere.

The surgery time is entirely based on the number of hair follicles needed to get a natural look. Approximately, it will take 3-5 hours and the recovery period will be 4-5 days. At the same time, you could not need to stay for a long time in the hospital. After 3-4 months, the transplanted hair will begin to grow naturally. Alongside this, it is the permanent one and so you no need to take care of over a longer period of time. When you go with the beard transplant surgery, you will never feel any painful feeling since general anesthesia is given to the patients.

How much the surgery cost?

The hair transplant surgery will take only 4-6 hours and the patient will recover within 4-5 days. The cost of the surgery varies from place to place. But, beard transplant in india offers cost-effective surgical operation and so you have to pay between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000. At the same time, the cost is entirely based on huge factors such as the experience of the surgeons, enhanced technologies used, and a lot more. When compared to large hospitals, private clinics afford 20 to 30 percent fewer amounts! And sure, the cost of the surgery will suit your needs and budget when you decide to go with the experienced doctor in the small clinic! All you need to do is just choose the right clinic and boost your look greatly!

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