Why Do Married Women Have Affairs? The 4 Stages

There are 4 stages that answer the question; ‘why do married women have affairs?’ It begins, fairly logically, at

Stage 1.

They feel that there’s something missing in their lives. Yet they have everything they could ever desire. An excellent husband, good provider, nice house and family; really living the American Dream. And yet something isn’t right.

At about this time, they start to lose interest in sex. At best, they consider it a duty, in much the same way that they do the washing up or the grocery shopping. If they can possibly avoid a physical encounter with their husband, they will. At the same time, this disinterest in sex frightens them, because they feel it may force their husband into an affair, or worse still, drive him away completely.

Stage 2.

Suddenly, a woman becomes attracted to another man. He may be married or single. The encounter may be purely platonic or may include sex. Whichever way the encounter takes, a woman will find an enormous amount of emotional stimulus in this. A lot of women at this stage haven’t experienced any sexual feelings for a long time.

A considerable number of them experience a lot of guilt and regret, whether or not the encounter has included sex. They reach a form of identity crisis, even though a lot of them try to put the experience behind them. They feel guilty whenever the topic of infidelity is raised.

They’re in something of a bind, because they can no longer express their disdain for infidelity like they may have done once, without feeling the most terrible hypocrites. They may start to feel undeserving of their husbands and compensate by showing more appreciation and attentiveness towards him.

Stage 3.

When women have reached this point, they’re either starting new facebook 出会い, already involved in affairs, or even contemplating divorce. Women who are actually having affairs are feeling unlike they’ve ever felt before. They feel somehow ‘alive,’ believing in many cases that they’ve found their soulmate. To put it bluntly, they’re in love.

But at the same time, the pain sets in. Deep down, they know that what they’re doing is wrong, that they must still choose between their husband and their lover.

Stage 4.

Here, we have the two types. Those who’ve chosen to stay married, but to continue their affair(s) on the side. They maintain that the marital sex has been improved by their affairs. Then there are those who chose to divorce.

Those in the latter category, to begin with, are delighted to be single and able to continue their relationship with their lover. But there’s one problem. If they decide to re-marry, then there they go, back on the merry-go-round once more.

They’ll be so much older if and when they decide to clamber off the next time


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