Why Pakistani Rupees Has Low Value in International Market

Why Pakistani Rupees Has Low Value in International Market

Pakistan is being counted in the most amazing and incredible countries list because it has a brilliant and interesting story. It was it is the only country which is made just because in the name of Islam and the background of Islam’s first Kalma. It has been being on 14 august 1947, in the first year after the independence, Pakistan had a good condition. While he has a lack of resources, problems of foods, clothes, houses, and history tell that the time which was too complicated on the Pakistani is 1947 to 1948. But that people struggle and within 2 years they made their best name in the economical condition in all over the world.

There are only Pakistani knows that the value of Pakistani rupees and USD $ were almost equal at once. It was about 40’s n start of the ’50s, and now we all know that what is the worth of the Pakistani rupees in the international market. After the independence, the value of PKR always decreases but nothing in this world without any reason so this decrement of the value of Pakistani rupees also have some reasons and causes while Pakistani is one of the greatest agricultural country and full of natural resources, having huge market of IT industry and has made the name by their SEO services in Karachi, Pakistan, other IT services like web and software development service despite Pakistan do not have the actual value of their currency and economical conditions, here I am going to discuss some reasons behind this:

  • Dirty Politics and Corruption:

All over the world, Pakistan has the top ranking in the corruption facing countries. From a survey, Pakistan has the 6th or 7th rank which has been hardly destroyed by dirty politics. And the influence of illiterate politicians in the most complicated matters. Pakistan and many countries like India, Philippines, etc can get a huge position of success in the world. If these countries want to get some success they should have to work on in firstly.

  • Recommendations In spite of Merit:

This has become the general and most common problem in Pakistan. Numbers of capable and skillful Pakistan are facing with this problem. That they cannot reach their original position in the job. And in life just because of the lack of importance of merit. And every person who has big recommendations who can easily get the job or position everywhere especially for government jobs.

  • People Don’t Want to Pay the Actual Tax:

Pakistan’s business and economic conditions are not good just because businessmen in Pakistan do not pay the original and actual tax by just saving some money. They don’t know how they have become a huge reason for the bad conditions of the economic condition of Pakistan. Literally they also don’t know that they pay the tax to get the actual self advantages.

  • Less Approach in IT Industry

Now Pakistan is giving focus on the IT industry and freelance market and now gets into the top 10 rankings. But later they do not know the actual benefits of the freelance market.

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